NAYDO Membership for Associations and Individuals 

An unlimited number of Y staff and volunteers who are involved in advancing philanthropy can be members with a single NAYDO Association Membership. See other YMCAs that are Current Association Members.
YMCA financial development activities are led and championed by YMCA CEOs, development staff, branch executives and senior program staff in partnership with committed volunteer leaders. Wouldn’t you like them all to become members of NAYDO?

With a single Association Membership,  all staff and volunteers with leadership responsibilities may be included in that membership at no additional cost. Fee is determined by the Association budget size in U.S. and is payable in U.S. dollars.

Individual Memberships are available to YMCA staff and volunteers whose Associations do not choose to purchase an Association Membership. Benefits are the same for both types of membership.

To become a NAYDO member:
If you are a RENEWING Member, CLICK HERE to make a payment or update your roster but be sure to read the Association Membership Helpful Hints-Payment & Roster document first if you are an Association Membership Contact; if you are an Individual Member, read Helpful Hints for NAYDO Individual Members.
Financial assistance for membership fees is available. You may also download the application.

Association Membership

Annual Dues
Association Budget Size                       Dues
$55,000,001 - and above                    $2,750
$40,000,001 – $55,000,000                $2,100
$20,000,001 – $40,000,000                $1,900
$12,000,001 – $20,000,000                $1,450
$8,000,001 - $12,000,000                   $1,100
$4,000,001 – $8,000,000                    $   700
$2,000,001 – $4,000,000                    $   425
$1,000,001 – $2,000,000                    $   300
$1,000,000 - and under                       $   125

Individual Membership

Annual Dues 
Individual Membership Dues                   $275