North American YMCA Development Organization (NAYDO) Strategic Plan:
Whatever your job title, finding the financial means to support programming and expand services and facilities has become everyone’s responsibility. In partnership with YMCA of the USA, YMCA Canada and YMCA Mexico, NAYDO is an organization committed to helping YMCA staff and volunteers develop fundraising skills in order to create a culture of philanthropy. NAYDO works to accomplish this through a broad array of resources, educational materials, advocacy, research, knowledge sharing and events.

NAYDO is much more than a conference - it’s a professional development organization dedicated to helping advance the Y mission through philanthropy. For over thirty years, NAYDO has been serving local Ys throughout North America and more recently, around the world.

As NAYDO looks to the future, we’ve developed the strategic plan you see summarized here to guide our path forward. Since our inception, one thing has remained at the center of all that we do - our mission, “to inspire and strengthen the philanthropic culture of the YMCA”. This plan is not one individual’s vision, but rather the representation of our members’ insights into our strategic advantages, the impact NAYDO has and how we can continue to strengthen the culture of giving at our YMCAs.

With this five year plan, NAYDO has developed sound strategies for reaching more people to have an even
greater impact. We hope you join us in this exciting future.