Carrie Bair-Norwood

Senior VP of Development, YMCA of Greater San Antonio
NAYDO: 2020 Track Dean, Membership Marketing Chair, Awareness Committee Chair

Work: 719 329 7217


  • Years in Financial Development (YMCA and Other): 20
  • Years Affiliated with the YMCA (as Staff or Volunteer) 20 (18.5 staff; 1.5 volunteer) 5.5 in current position
  • Budget in Current Position: $1.5 M

Financial Development Accomplishments:

Annual Support:
Providing leadership to the $2.2M Annual Support Campaign with a focus on volunteer recruitment and engagement, donor stewardship and best practices. Currently part of the Y-USA Cygnus Pilot Project and a 2017 focus on intentional donor stewardship.

Capital Development:
Supporting multi-branch capital development efforts from planning to completion.  Currently working to wrap up 2 branch campaigns, launch 1 and in initial planning stages for up to 3 additional campaigns.

Endowment/Planned Giving:
Focus on re-igniting the planned giving efforts, to include communication and comprehensive giving opportunities year round.
Board/Volunteer Development:
Supporting Board Governance process to include a more intentional focus on overall philanthropy to include a comprehensive 3-5 year Development Plan to include all aspects of charitable giving and sponsorship. 
Grant Funding:
Providing leadership to Association grants, including research, writing and administration in all areas providing more than $5M annually.