From the NAYDO Chair: Accomplishments and Appreciation

by Zane Korytko on August 11, 2021

From the NAYDO Chair: Accomplishments and Appreciation

Dear Members,

For many of us, August means we’ve turned our attention from summer camp to afterschool, from fun in the sun to budget forecasting. Fall is in the air in Moncton! Before we become too busy with new priorities, I want to offer thanks, personally and on behalf of NAYDO Council, for the accomplishments of NAYDO volunteers.

Immediately following the April 2021 Conference, track deans turned their focus to 2022 and the call for presentations. Because of their dedication this summer, NAYDO 2022 has an impressive speaker lineup, workshop schedule, and additional educational opportunities.

The Host Y committee, the YMCA of Metropolitan Tampa, is busy planning special activities and events for the 2022 conference. And the YMCA of Greater Houston is well on its way in BIG Texas style as the 2023 Host YMCA.

Network coordinators and leaders, the Sponsors & Exhibitors team, and other committees are at work to provide the best in-person conference possible. Next April, it will have been three years since we’ve gathered together. We hope you will re-enroll as a member and be part of NAYDO 2022 in Tampa!

Thanks, too, to NAYDO Council members who say yes to my requests, and to NAYDO staff members Mary, Kristen, and Kathy for their time and talents.

Thank you, NAYDO members, for all that has been accomplished this past year. We appreciate your involvement and support, and we are grateful you are part of the NAYDO community.

In Y service,
Zane Korytko

NAYDO Council Chair
Chief Executive Officer | Directeur General
YMCA of Greater Moncton| YMCA du Grand Moncto