From the NAYDO Chair: Ys are Relevant and Resilient

by Zane Korytko on August 10, 2022

Dear NAYDO Members,

We’re planning for 2023 at my Y. It’s hard to know what the new year will bring with membership, program participation, fundraising. We’re discussing the unknowns of the economy and inflation, a recession, a resurgence of Covid. Who knows what else will surface as January approaches?

The pandemic shutdown of our Ys taught us to be flexible and resilient as we remain relevant. We also learned we need innovative ideas as we move forward. We must elevate the Y in our community as a place to belong, bring people together, and solve urgent issues.

It's the same with NAYDO as Council Members and staff plan for the 2022-2023 membership year that begins September 1. We’re the same organization but are addressing vastly different challenges and solutions than we were three or four years ago.

Philanthropy and fundraising are priority needs identified by our Ys. NAYDO is a valued resource for current ideas, proven practices, shared materials, and helpful networks. It's exciting to note that nearly 50% of our Association Members renewed during the first week of the enrollment period for the upcoming year, and already there is enthusiasm building for the opening of NAYDO 2023 Conference registration in September.

Eagle Award winners tell us that NAYDO learnings set them on a successful philanthropic path. Let’s continue to share and apply what we learn from each other, because that may be what sustains us during challenging times and positions our Ys for long-term sustainability.

In Y service,
Zane Korytko 

Chief Executive Officer | Directeur General
YMCA of Greater Moncton| YMCA du Grand Moncton