Stephanie E. Mills


Chief Development Officer, YMCA of Southern Arizona

NAYDO: Ownership Committee, 2021 Hot Topics 
Work:  520.623.5511


  • Years in Financial Development (YMCA and other): 19 years
  • Years Affiliated with the YMCA: 10 years  
  • Years in current position: 3
  • Budget size:

Financial Development Accomplishments

Board/Volunteer Development

• Since her return to the YMCA of Southern Arizona in 2018:
• Branches increased volunteer campaigners from 74 to 218
• Increased dollars by 22%
• Moved member giving in annual campaign from 2.5% to 5%
• 100% board giving
• In 2019 and again in 2020, more dollars raised in the staff campaign than in the Y’s 106 year history

Alongside a strong volunteer council, she and the YMCA CEO have begun a very exciting capital campaign to renovate the Downtown YMCA. This will be the first capital campaign of many to modernize all their YMCA Branches. 


Stephanie has a deep passion for the Y, but believes strongly the work done in the office is only part of who you are and the difference you can make. Stephanie’s non-Y time is filled with caring for her blended family of six kids, volunteering at her church with her husband as leaders of the High School Ministry, and squeezing in her spiritual and exercise “me time.” In the midst of a busy and hectic world she finds drive in reciting her life motto regularly, “You can’t change the world in your spare time.”