North American YMCA Development Organization (NAYDO) Strategic Plan:

Philanthropy fuels firsts - whether it's the first time eyes are opened underwater or the first time in memory that the scale dipped below 200; or on a grander scale, the first opportunity to share leadership skills or to be the first YMCA in a community that will be reborn and transformed as a result.

NAYDO fuels philanthropy to create firsts and sustain meaningful engagement for generations. In partnership with YMCA of the USA, YMCA Canada and YMCA Mexico, NAYDO is committed to helping YMCA staff and volunteers develop fundraising skills while creating a culture of philanthropy. NAYDO understands it is everyone's responsibility to attain and preserve the resources needed to fuel philanthropy and the future, by ensuring Y programs, services and facilities are supported and expanded. NAYDO accomplishes its mission through a broad array of training, research, inspiration, connections, and knowledge.

NAYDO is much more than a conference - it’s a professional development organization dedicated to helping advance the Y mission through philanthropy. For forty years, NAYDO has been serving local Ys throughout North America and more recently, around the world.

As NAYDO plans for the future, we have created a strategic plan that leverages our strengths to fuel our mission, "to inspire and strengthen the philanthropic culture of the YMCA."

Here's to igniting the future and celebrating firsts!