Recognizing the commitment of time and resources it takes to bring a delegation to the NAYDO Conference, we've designed other conference-like experiences targeted for program directors, support staff and volunteers. NAYDO Academy qualifies for Y-USA Leadership Development re-certification credit and CFRE credit.

NAYDO Academy  

NAYDO Academy is a half-day annual support training. It is a virtual and in-person event, generally hosted by State Alliances of YMCAs so all Ys in the state are part of the learning opportunity.

This training is for frontline, program, membership, admin and other staff, and branch leaders. Branch volunteers can be a target audience, also. Academies focus on why we have an annual campaign and each person’s role in making the campaign a success. Workshops are tailored to your needs. 

Attendees join in at a watch party site, so networking and idea sharing are part of the experience.

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Contact Kristen Obaranec, CFRE, for info on hosting a NAYDO Academy.