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Upcoming Webinars

Webinars are 1:30-2:30 p.m. Central time 

Thursday, December 10 – One week earlier with holidays

YMCA Day of Giving: Grow Your Cause, Cash and Constituency in 24 Hours!


Charles Myer, VP/Chief Development Officer & Foundation President, YMCA of Metropolitan Dallas
David Frederick, VP/Chief Marketing and Communications Officer, YMCA of Metropolitan Dallas
Carrie Collins, SVP/Chief Advancement Officer, YMCA of Northwest North Carolina

This webinar will share the learnings and best practices of running a “day of giving” initiative from two highly respected YMCA Associations in Dallas and Northwest North Carolina. We’ll discuss how a YMCA Day of Giving can become a successful tool to engage members, donors and volunteers in the Annual Campaign as well as create greater visibility for the YMCA in the community.

Workshop Objectives/Outcomes:

1) Learn the best practices of planning and running a YMCA Day of Giving

2) How to leverage the event to increase the number of new donors to the campaign

3) How to leverage the event to increase the number of members that give to the campaign

4) Learn about how to best utilize marketing and communications in promoting the one-day effort


January 21, 2021 

Your 2021 Annual Campaign: Lessons Learned from the Pandemic

Presenter: Jim Kauffman, B.S., M.Ed., Y Alum
Human Performance Development | Kauffman Consultancy LLC

“Unique” describes Y Annual Support Campaigns in 2020. Everyone knows it’s been quite a year. For some Ys, 2020 has been a banner year for raising money; for others, it’s been a disaster. We interviewed a sampling of Ys of all sizes across the country to find out what they did in 2020, what worked, what didn’t, the shifts they had to make in their annual campaign processes, and how they mentally approached fundraising. We also asked how 2020 results are being used to structure 2021 fundraising strategies. Guaranteed you’ll gain useful information you can immediately use NOW in your 2021 fundraising efforts. 


February 18, 2021 

The 90% Problem - Cultivating Major Gifts by Preserving Family Wealth

Presenter: Damon King, CFP® and Y Alum

CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional and Investment Advisor
ChappelWood Financial Services

The Great Wealth Transfer will see $59 trillion in accumulated wealth pass to children and grandchildren by 2061, representing a tremendous opportunity for nonprofit organizations. Yet, 90% of wealthy families will see their wealth ‒ along with their support of cherished charitable causes like the Y ‒ disappear within three generations. The reason is simple: talking about money remains taboo in most families. By introducing the Legacy Portrait to your donors and members, you can help families identify and communicate a set of shared values and increase the odds of preserving their wealth. In turn, your Y will develop deeper donor relationships and strengthen your ability to solicit and receive transformational major gifts across multiple generations.


March 18, 2021

Things I Wish I Had Known

Presenter: Randy Klassen, Y Alum
Senior Consultant, Global Philanthropic Inc. | Canada  

Let’s talk about what I’ve learned and what I wish I had known as a Y professional. This includes passive fundraising vs. deliberate fundraising for membership-based organizations, developing your YMCA case for support, our YMCA skill sets, and how best to connect with the philanthropic community. We’ll analyze the science behind fundraising, look at the missed opportunities, and discuss the outcomes and measurements that are important to know.

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