Zane Korytko

Chief Executive Officer, YMCA of Greater Moncton
NAYDO: NAYDO Chair, Executive Committee Chair, Ownership Committee
Office: 506.853.8572


  • Years in Financial Development (YMCA and Other): 32
  • Years Affiliated with the YMCA (as staff or volunteer): 36
  • Budget in current position that you are responsible for: $6.5M

Financial Development Accomplishments

Annual Support
Involved in many various campaigns throughout career, recently revamped outreach and dedicated staff resources to philanthropy.

Endowment/Planned Giving
Started endowment in 2013.

Board/Volunteer Development  
Continual over the past 30+ years; currently work with a Board of Directors on the Moncton level, an advisory council for the Northern Satellite location as well as serving on numerous YMCA Canada and community boards.

Marketing & Communications
In previous jobs involved with this area.