1979 - Present Day

4/2021 NAYDO's 40th anniversary and first virtual conference resulted in 1,065 staff and volunteers along with 278 speakers, workers, and virtual booth exhibitors, resulting in 1,343 total attendance. From the Impact Tours to the Closing Party, attendees participated virtually. Philanthropy Live! focused on anti-racism in two workshop sessions. DBD Group was recognized for a donation of $19,183.50 from a special partnership effort, the DBD Virtual Annual Giving Academy, created in response to the pandemic.
9/2020 On September 2, 2020, the NAYDO Council voted to make the NAYDO 2021 Conference virtual only due to ongoing pandemic concerns and used only a digital version of the conference brochure making it the first time no print version was mailed.
8/2020 In August, NAYDO membership was relaunched with a new NAYDO year of September 1, 2020, through August 31, 2021. All Association Member YMCAs were asked to enroll for the year, and special payment plans were offered. The Individual Member option was replaced with a Virtual Training Subscription for Y staff and volunteers at Ys that chose not to be Association Members. By year-end 2020, NAYDO Association Member Ys totaled 243 (down from 333 pre-pandemic) and 16 individuals joined as Virtual Training Subscribers.
4/2020 As the impact of the pandemic forced Y closures and limited operations, NAYDO continued to operate fully throughout the entire year. From March through August, webinars were opened to anyone affiliated with the Y, and NAYDO put a pause on collecting membership dues for 6 months. During this time, at the height of the pandemic, 89% of NAYDO’s 333 Association Members (297) plus 156 non-member YMCAs participated in one or more NAYDO webinars. A total of 1,981 people took part in NAYDO webinars throughout the year.
3/2020 NAYDO 2020 Conference, with record attendance and planned for Washington, D.C., was cancelled due to the spread of COVID-19 and restrictions on the size of gatherings allowed along with NAYDO Academies planned for later in the year. Membership dues invoicing was stopped while YMCAs closed worldwide due to the pandemic.
5/2019 NAYDO introduced a new database platform (Cvent) for membership and all NAYDO educational events.
4/2019 - 10/2019 NAYDO hosted the 2019 Conference in Indianapolis, IN and NAYDO Academies in Everett, WA, (140 attendees) and Detroit, MI (90 attendees). The NAYDO webinar series, sponsored by Daxko, continues to be a valuable year-round learning resource.
4/2019 NAYDO Membership and Education Director Pam Hearn, CFRE, returned to local Y work after 5 years of service to NAYDO; Kristen Obaranec became NAYDO’s Year-Round Learning Coordinator, marking the first staff change in NAYDO history.
1/2019 Updated bylaws called for an increase in Council Members to support the growth of NAYDO. There are now 24 active Council members and representatives for 4 National Movements. Collectively their work resulted in the highest membership level with 324 Association Members and 47 Individual Members.
11/2018 NAYDO Council completed a thorough review and refreshment of the NAYDO Strategic Plan. The new plan, Fueling Philanthropy, continues to focus on the NAYDO mission to inspire and strengthen the philanthropic culture of the Y through year-round education, engagement and effective communication.
5/2018 and 10/2018 NAYDO hosted three successful NAYDO Academies (one-day training events) in Fort Worth, TX (112 attendees), St. Louis, MO (129 attendees) and Pittsburgh, PA (135 attendees) training 376 Y staff and volunteers in philanthropic best practices. Evaluations indicated that the Academies are valued by the movement. 
4/2018 The 27th Annual Conference was hosted by the two smallest Ys, YMCA of Greater New Orleans and Dryades YMCA, ever to host a NAYDO Conference, chaired by a NAYDO Young Professional Alumna for the first time and resulted in just under the record 2,000 registrations reached in NAYDO 2017 in San Diego, making it the second largest conference. The Eagle Banquet was moved to the Awards Luncheon giving attendees a free night in New Orleans. 
1/2018 NAYDO sponsored the Capital Development Workshop as a pre-conference event at the Small & Mid-Size Y Conference in Clearwater, FL involving 16 participants, the first time in over five years this course was offered outside of the NAYDO Conference.
10/2017 We tested the concept of a one-day training event, bringing the conference experience to a smaller regional audience. Focused on Annual Campaign and targeted toward Program Directors, frontline staff and volunteers, our inaugural NAYDO Academy took place in Pittsburgh and was attended by 125 participants from 10 associations.
4/2017 The NAYDO Alumni and Retiree Team (ART) was officially launched to provide Y retirees and other staff who may have left the Y (alumni) opportunities to volunteer at the conference and year-round for NAYDO.
4/2017 The 36th Annual NAYDO Conference on YMCA Philanthropy held in San Diego recorded the highest attendance and breaking 2,000 for the first time ever. NAYDO 2017 involved 1565 registered attendees plus 299 sponsors, exhibitors, speakers and 180 Host Y volunteers.
4/2016 The new NAYDO website debuted with a password-protected Members Only Resource section adding yet another benefit to NAYDO Membership. The Members Only Resources include, among other items, the recordings of all NAYDO webinars throughout the year.
4/2016 The NAYDO Conference on YMCA Philanthropy celebrated its 35th anniversary in Detroit and was co-hosted by YMCAs in two different countries for the first time: YMCAs of Western Ontario (Canada) and Metropolitan Detroit (US).
4/2016 With 37 in the Class of 2016, the NAYDO Young Professionals was the largest class ever. Since its inception in 2010, 181 staff have completed the program and many have continued their involvement as alumni.
9/2015 New benefits for NAYDO members this year included the launch of NAYDO 365 Podcasts, sponsored by Donor By Design, which drew more than 300 listeners its first year, the posting of philanthropy-related job opportunities on the NAYDO website, and providing each YMCA that is an Association Member with a complimentary set of the recordings from the NAYDO Conference workshops.
4/2015 A pilot program for YMCA Retirees was initiated with a focus group during the 2015 Conference leading to the conclusion that the program should be broadened to include YMCA Alumni (staff who have left the Y) as well as YMCA retirees.
4/2015 The 34th Annual Conference on YMCA Philanthropy in Atlanta was a success with its 1,536 staff and volunteers in attendance including 30 International attendees. This was the largest conference in NAYDO history with close to 1,800 when sponsors, exhibitors and speakers are included in the count.
10/2014 NAYDO partnered with the YMCA North American Network (YNAN) on a project to determine what is necessary to develop, support and maintain a culture of philanthropy at local Ys
8/2014 Developments newsletter is moved to an electronic format and increased from three to six issues annually.

2014-2015 webinar series kicked off with a lineup of 10 great sessions increasing from 6 to 10 for the year, all of which experienced record attendance numbers
4/2014 33rd Annual NAYDO Conference on YMCA Philanthropy held in San Antonio, Texas achieved an all time high attendance record with 1426 registered involving 1580 when including the sponsor, exhibitors and guests in the total
11/2013 NAYDO hires its first Membership and Education Director
7/2013 First NAYDO online membership system activated
6/2013 NAYDO Council approved a new strategic plan, “Securing Abundant Resources”.
4/2013 32nd Annual NAYDO Conference held in Vancouver, Canada was a success with 1,022 staff and volunteers in attendance representing 25 countries. Included in this number was a new NAYDO record of 77 international attendees.
11/2012 NAYDO Council embarks on the development of a new strategic plan revolving around three goals: 1) redefine our offerings to create a variety of educational opportunities outside of the annual conference; 2) YMCAs demonstrate a culture of learning and re-framing; 3) membership as ownership.
4/2012 31st Annual NAYDO Conference held in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania brought together 1,419 attendees representing 18 countries.
2/2012 Mexican Federation of YMCAs becomes the third non-voting national movement to be represented on the NAYDO Council along with Y-USA and YMCA Canada.
12/2011 New Operating Agreement, as a third party LLC of Y-USA, and New By-Laws approved.
12/2011 The eighth consecutive year of membership growth resulting in 3665 staff and 2446 volunteers totaling 6120 members representing 270 Association memberships and 122 Individual memberships.
8/2011 Redesigned NAYDO web site launched.
4/2011 Philanthropy Live! is launched as a pre-conference event in Anaheim with 32 individuals involved
4/2011 30th Annual NAYDO Conference held in Anaheim, California with 1,145 registrations and 1,311 involved counting our exhibitors, speakers, and guests representing 20 countries beyond North America.
12/2010 NAYDO membership surpasses 5500 for first time with 256 Association Members and 124 Individual Members including International Members from New Zealand, Hong Kong, Australia, and Denmark.
8/2010 NAYDO Webinar Education Series l(instead of individual webinars) launched.
7/2010 NAYDO Representation at World Council of YMCA Conference in Hong Kong.
7/2010 Launched upgrade to online NAYDO Conference registration.
4/2010 29th Annual  NAYDO Conference held in Charlotte, North Carolina with 1000 in attendance including representatives from 23 countries beyond North America.
2/2010 NAYDO Young Professional Program Pilot Project Class of 2010 launched.
2/2010 2010-2012 Strategic Plan adopted outlining 5 priorities:  Education, Research and Development, Communications, Membership Development, Strengthen Philanthropy Alliance.
11/2009 Cygnus Member-to-Donor Study completed.
6/2009 NAYDO established a Facebook page, Twitter account and arranged for blogs before, during and after the NAYDO 2010 Conference.
4/2009 NAYDO Conference sessions and webinars become eligible for CFRE Continuing Education Credit.
4/2009 28th annual NAYDO Conference is held in Dallas, Texas with 1000 in attendance with 17 countries beyond North America represented. Spanish translation offered at selected sessions. $50,000 provided in conference financial assistance.
11/2008 Membership tops 5,084 with 226 association memberships, 174 individual memberships. 34% of memberships are volunteers.
11/2008 Adoption of NAYDO’s Vision for Philanthropy Education for the YMCA Movement.
11/2008 NAYDO Leadership Development Plan is created and implemented.
9/2008 Fundraising Toolkit is released as a member value-added benefit.
4/2008 Green Book on major gifts work is released at NAYDO Conference.
4/2008 Member-to-Donor Conversion study (Cygnus) begins with three pilot YMCAs – Ann Arbor, Atlanta and Hamilton/Burlington. The study includes a parallel track to maximizes learning.
4/2008 NAYDO, YMCA of the USA, YMCA Canada, and the Chief Development Officers from the North American Urban Group and Metro 30 sign new YMCA Philanthropy Alliance Agreement.
4/2008 The 27th annual NAYDO Conference is held in Montreal, Ontario, Canada.  Conference attendance tops 1200.
8/2007 First web seminar for NAYDO members.
8/2007 NAYDO web site changed to Share Point format for ongoing updates, resource sharing, etc.
8/2007 NAYDO introduces on-line registration for the 2008 conference.
4/2007 First Zoomerang resource to survey conference participants.
3/2007 2007 NAYDO Conference exceeds 1,100 participants in San Francisco, California.
9/2006 NAYDO convenes annual retreat in Banff, Alberta, Canada to begin work on next long-range, strategic plan. Council retreat is attended by national leaders of Y USA and Y Canada.
6/2006 NAYDO/Partnership commissions Environics Research Group to conduct survey of giving patterns/behaviors of Canadian and USA members.
6/2006 NAYDO Council approves operating Reserve Account to endow future needs/long range strategic planning of Council/NAYDO.
6/2005 NAYDO signs MOU with AFP to pursue collaborative effort of identifying services and benefits to collective advantage of each organization and its membership.
3/2005 NAYDO Eagle Award criteria restructured to recognize Association excellence in fundraising.
3/2006 NAYDO celebrates its 25th anniversary at the 2006 NAYDO Conference in Indianapolis.
6/2005 NAYDO hires full time Conference/Administrative Services Coordinator to support ongoing work of Council and annual conferences.
6/2004 NAYDO unveils its new Association Member category.
6/2003 Partnership agrees to rewrite the YMCA Annual Support Campaign Manual, “Red Book” and produce the new manual under the auspices of NAYDO. New CD produced and distributed at 2005 NAYDO Conference in Baltimore, MD.
6/2003 NAYDO Council conducts a third strategic planning effort in Colorado Springs, CO.
9/2002 Membership fees increased to $175 for new members, $150 for renewing members effective 7/1/03.
7/2002 NAYDO officially becomes Limited Liability Corporation of YMCA of the USA
6/2002 NAYDO enters into a contract with Triangle2 for organizational support services to include membership, library, conference management & marketing, newsletter and website updates.
12/2001 NAYDO Council approves contract for association management services.
6/2001 NAYDO Council votes to recommend to the membership that NAYDO become a Limited Liability Corporation under the umbrella of YMCA of the USA.
6/2001 NAYDO Council Expense Reimbursement policy established.
9/1999  Partnership established two primary goals: 1) to integrate philanthropy as a significant part of all aspects of YMCA work; 2) to develop and endorse best practices and key measurements for a successful YMCA financial development program.
6/1999 NAYDO Council conducts a second strategic planning effort in Cape Cod, Mass.
1999 Partnership between NAYDO, YMCA of Canada, YMCA of the USA formally established.
11/1998 NAYDO Council forms a task force to explore the idea of outside administrative services for NAYDO and the conference.
6/1998 Membership fee raised to $150 new members, $125 renewals.
6/1998 NAYDO advocates to YMCA of the USA and YMCA of Canada for the filling and funding of two National Financial Development positions.  NAYDO expressed its view that philanthropy is central and integral to the YMCA movement.
6/1998 Anita Joseph Memorial Scholarship established.  This scholarship is to be given to a YMCA who is coming to the conference for the purpose of establishing an annual support program for their home YMCA.
6/1998 NAYDO web site established:
6/1997 At the recommendation of Bruce Berglund, Philanthropy School is added to the annual conference starting in 1998.
3/1996 Name of the organization changed from North American YMCA Development Officers to North American YMCA Development Organization. Adopted a new logo
6/1994 NAYDO embraces the idea to initiate a partnership with the national organizations that would result in a common vision of financial development.
6/1994 Membership broadened to include those who have an interest in, commitment to, or responsibility for increasing contributed income in their YMCA.
10/1993 Adopted a long range planning process for NAYDO to incorporate financial development needs of the YMCA’s in the U.S. and Canada (Colorado Springs, CO).
10/1993 Adopted criteria and format for council nomination process to assure diverse representation of qualified candidates on the council
6/1993 Appointed a scholarship committee to make recommendations on scholarship guidelines, budget and selection process for the annual conference.
6/1992 Fundraiser of the Year Award name was changed to Excellence in Fundraising Award to reflect long-term achievement.  The “surprise” element was eliminated to encourage spouse/significant others attendance.
6/1992 It was decided to encourage volunteers and YMCA marketing staff to attend our annual conference.
9/1990 Set membership fees as follows: active - $125; Associate - $175; Retired - $75 (former YMCA employee who is now receiving payments from the YMCA Retirement Fund).
6/1990 Expanded NAYDO Fundraiser of the Year award to include two categories: Metropolitan YMCAs and Single Unit YMCAs.
6/1990 Decided that NAYDO would only give scholarships for conference attendance, not membership.
10/1989 Set fee for Associate Membership (former active members) at $50 over the Active Membership fee.
10/1989 Set Active Membership fee at $125.
6/1989 Required all expenditures above authorized budgeted amounts to receive prior approval of the Chairman and Treasurer in order to be reimbursed.
6/1989 Set December 1 as the annual deadline for receipt of entries for the Print & Audio-Visual Materials contest.
4/1989 Conferred Emeritus Member status on John L. MacBean.
10/1989 NAYDO recognized by the National Board of YMCA as an affiliated organization allowing the use of YMCA name and symbol.
10/1989 Rental rate for NAYDO library: $10-members; $35-nonmembers.
3/1988 NAYDO pins to be distributed only to members.
3/1988 Adopted alternate method of being recognized as NAYDO Certified Annual Support Trainer.  Application fee to be $25.
10/1987 Adopted a new logo for NAYDO.
10/1987 NAYDO Certified Trainers must be members of NAYDO.
6/1987 Name changed to North American YMCA Development Officers (NAYDO) from North American Fellowship of YMCA Development Officers.
5/1987 Funds for audio/visual awards and conference scholarships are to come from NAYDO’s annual budget, not the conference budget.
5/1987 The words “Founded 1980” will be dropped from the NAYDO logo.
5/1985 NAYDO will reimburse travel expenses in excess of $300 for council members’ attendance at official meetings of the NAYDO Council.
5/1985 20% of any surplus from the immediately preceding year will be allocated in the current year for scholarships to help racial minorities attend the NAYDO conference.
5/1985 NAYDO will present special certificates to all members obtaining CFRE status.
5/1985 Added “print material” category to annual awards.
5/1985 Adopted NAYDO Certification of Annual Support Trainers process developed by Doug Herron.
10/1984 Adopted January 1 - December 31 membership year.
3/1984 Dropped Institutional and Affiliate categories of membership.
3/1984 Conferred Charter Member Emeritus status on Philip S. Brain.
11/1983 Voted to drop Institutional and Affiliate categories of membership.
11/1983 Created the Audio-Visual Materials Awards program.
6/1983 NAYDO takes leadership for the development of a longer and more inclusive CDP Financial Development Module
3/1983 Created lending Library of campaign Audio-Visual materials. Council begins referring to the organization as NAYDO
3/1981 First Annual Meeting in St. Louis, MO with the following action taken:
  • By-laws adopted
  • Approved the initial council members:
    • Donald Anderson, Seattle
    • Ben Casey, New Orleans
    • Nevin Gehman, New York
    • Hugh Hurst, Nashville
    • Kenneth Isherwood, Detroit
    • Norris Lineweaver, Houston
    • Paul Netzel, Los Angeles
    • Matthew Ottaviano, Chicago
    • George Rodger, Toronto
    • Paul Schmitt
    • Dick Stoll, St Louis
    • R. Clark Thompson, Washington D.C.
  • First Council Officers were:
    • Paul Netzel, Chair
    • Dick Stoll, Vice Chair
    • George Rodger, Secretary/Treasurer
  • A letter of gratitude was extended to Phil Brain whose efforts and leadership helped to found the Fellowship.
  • The fellowship thanked N.S.F.R.E. for their cooperation, support and leadership in the planning of the first Conference.
  • The fellowship thanked Dick Stoll for organizing the first Annual Meeting and Conference.
2/1981 Council (called The Council on YMCA Financial Development) meets with the following decisions being acted upon: Fiscal Year to end on May 31; All membership dues become due on November 1; Membership dues set at $100
6/1980 First meeting of North American Fellowship of YMCA Development Officers in Denver, Colorado.
11/1979 Eight individuals gather in St Louis to give further attention to the idea (NAYDO) and developed a meeting date and place.
  • The original planning group was:
    • Nevin Gehman, New York
    • Paul Netzel, Los Angeles
    • Dick Stoll, St. Louis
    • Don Kemp, Denver
    • Matt Ottaviano, Chicago
    • Dave Austin, Mid-America Region
    • Moss Causey, National Council
    • Phil Brain, Minneapolis
10/1979  Phil Brain presents, to a group of peers in the Mid-America Region, his idea of forming a “Society of Professional YMCA Financial Development Officers.”